Saturday, February 26, 2005


Hey y'all Shavua Tov! I have nothing exciting to say. Please continueto daven for those that I have listed...
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s J, if you have finally gotten around to reading this, then HI SWEETIE!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Ok this post will make sense to NO ONE, but that is ok. Sunday was INTERESTING!!!!!!!! Thank G-D for it! Anyway, I blew off work today, and I am going to visit Joe in Walter Reed. I feel like lately I spend lots of time there, but really I am happy to since he is my friend. Anyway, keep davening for YOSEF ELIYAHU BEN MALKA ITA and SERACH DINA BAS MEIRA MALKA and TOVA RENA BAS SARA thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005


SHAVUA TOV, AND TO ALL A GUT VOCH!!!!!!!!!!! I know I have not written in a while, and I really have nothing substatial to say now, but I do have some people that I need you to daven for. Read the following names carefully and please do all that you can for them. Yosef Eliyahu Ben Malka Ita is a friend of mine who is a soldier in the US Army, and had his leg destroyed by an IED while he was in Iraq. Last Monday he had his leg amputated. Tova Rena Bas Sara is a friend of a friend of mine (and an aquaintance of mine) who is the mother of 2. She is fighting breast cancer, that has spread, so you all know what the power of Tfilah can do. Serach Dina Bas Meira Malka is a 5 year old girl who has lived with an inoperable brain tumor for over a year. These 3 poeple asl well as many others need your help and Tefilot. Please do your part.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 04, 2005


Ok quick medical update for those of you who care. I went to my doc (as opposed to Patient First) Thursday cause my ears were still clogged and it was pissing me off. He looked at my ears and said "wow that must hurt!" Turns out that the first antibiotic did NOTHING for me. He gave me a script for a much stronger one, and a script for steroids, and he gave me some shpritzy stuff for my nose, which he said was swollen as well. I went to the pharmacy, and even with my insurance the damn medicine cost me 95 bucks!!!!! That is the bad news, the good news is that even with only 1.5 days of the steroid in me, I am feeling MUCH BETTER! My hearing is coming back, which is good, because I was beginning to fear that I had permanently messed them up. Ok that is it for the update. Belated Happy Birthday to Efrex, who is older than me. Thank you to all of you who remembered my birthday this year, and to those of you who did not, no biggie, G-D willing I will have another one next year!
Shabbat Shalom to all, and to all a Good Shabbos!
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!