Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I am sorry, chatasi, mea culpa, whatever..... I have not written for a while. Let's see.... Spent first Shabbos of Chanukah at the R's in NYC! Caught a ride with the H's (thank you thank you thank you!!!) On Sunday we went to Boro Park to see SM grandmother who lives right near Yeshivas Bobov, hence the pic. Then we went to Dougies, which I have not been in a long time so that was nice. Tuesday I went to the K's, which was very nice. Second Shabbos of Chanukah I was at the H's which is always nice. Ravens spanked Pittsburgh which makes me happy, and are going to the playoffs, which also makes me happy. That is really it from here in non-snowy B-More.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!