Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!

I have NO idea where the title of this post comes from. I think it might be a monster truck rally ad. I know, I have deep seeded emotional issues! Anyway, went to Rockville today. It was interesting to say the least. Pink: Thanks for listening to me bitch. I needed a friend, and you were there. Brat: What can I say, it appears that he kinda caught up in his own world. If you need me, call me! So I got a new purse today, that was fun. I love my dad, really I do, but we are having some serious issues right now. I have included a picture of my super cute (but very old) cat. He is coming to live with me next week, while Abba is in Florida. I am hoping that his thyroid meds kick in, cause otherwise my dad is going to have him put down. Anyway, have a good night y'all.
F OUT!!!!!!!

Sat Night......

So I hope that everyone has had a great weekend so far. SM and I went out tonight (see pic to the left) for my birthday. We went to the local pizza shop, had a slice, and split some ice cream. While we were there a bunch of teenagers walked in and were all loud, and screamy. I looked at my friend, and she looked at me, and we decided that we were too old for this!
I am going to my dads tomorrow, that should be exciting. Sometime next week I am getting a new roommate. Well not really. My cat is going to move in for a bit. I hope it works. Anyway, I am zonked, so that is all for now.
F OUT!!!!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006


I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank everyone who called today. maybe 30 won't be so bad with all the great friends I have. A double thank you to those of you who waited until 8 to call me. A side note to my very bestest friend J, I should be mad at you for the "50" comment, but strangely I am not. I miss all of you! Have a great Shabbos!
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

it Blows!

There are times when getting up alone, having no one to say good bye to in the morning, coming home alone, having no one to say hello to, having no one to say good night to, and going to bed alone really really blows!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ok I have nothing really new to add. I am on the phone with my sister, and she is so cool. She is a teacher, and she is so good at it. I am so proud of her. I wonder if she knows that.
I am so sick of washing dishes. Really really really sick of it. Just thought that I would share that.
I am gonna post some pics of the H kids in all their adorableness. Just cause they are cute. Going there for Shabbos this week, which is good cause I do not have to cook. Not that I mind cooking, but it seems kind of pointless for 1 person. Anyway, since I have bored you all, I am going to go.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!
p.s S, it is all going to be ok, really it is.

Monday, January 23, 2006


I know I have played this tune before, but I am old...... Soon to be a lot older. Work as not so much fun today, but at least the boss is going away tomorrow. Also, I just can't deal with the emotional roller coaster that is some people.
S.... I enjoyed our evening. Conversation with you is never boring. I will definitely miss you when you get married and move away. I will miss you even if you get married and don't move away. I am just all melancholy tonight. BLAH!

p.s can smell things for the first time in like 2 weeks, woohoo!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

hello out there...

First of all.. Mrs. Likro, if you are reading this please please please contact me. I am beginning to wonder.
Second of all.. Happy Birthday Abba, and Elan.
Third of all, who the hell fed the Steelers super play pills? They are scoring on offense, they are not turning the ball over, they are blocking on defense and not allowing Denver to score. In short they are doing everything right. When the hell did they gel together like this? I really do not like the Steelers
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shavua Tov....

Hello all. Dateline Sat night..... Well Shabbos is over, and once again I have big plans for this evening....... NOT..... I am finishing a Laurell K Hamilton novel. She is a naughty naughty woman. Kinda kinky in fact. I am possibly going to take a shower. I am definitely going to have some sort of dinner, then I am going to read some more. To cap off this lovely evening, I will go to bed. I know, I know, you all want to be me, I lead such an exciting life! I got my "Rent" movie poster. I am so excited about it. Now, what is so exciting about a movie poster? Well, I am glad you asked. First of all, I am a "Rent-Head" which means I like to poster all by itself, but second of all the entire poster is in HEBREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that? I will be around tonight if anyone wants to talk to me.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Difference of Opinion.....

The chest congestion, and cough and stuff has not gone away, so Tuesday, as promised, I called the Doctor. Office called back yesterday, and said I could come in today. So I left work and went to the Doctor. I go into the exam room, and wait for him. he enters, and I tell him in no uncertain terms that "I am NOT sick!!!" He told me that I was wrong. He said he thought I had bronchitis. In fact, he didn;t think it, he was pretty darn certain. Darnit!! Just one winter I would like to not get sick. My good news was that I do not have ear infections. WOOHOO!(twirls finger in air), and that today my temp was only a little elevated. He gave me some anti-biotics, so I did not have to go to the pharmacy and spend money, and some other stuff, and told me up my fluid intake. To what I asked? I already drink close to 80 oz of water a day.... Whatever, I am sick of being sick, and in this case, not only am I sick, but I was WRONG! BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F OUT!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another Tuesday, Another.......... (you get the idea)

To my immediate left you will see the older 3 H children. Baby was off having supper when this came. Hey J from Detroit, can you believe how big those kids are? Anyway, I left work early today cause I had to go to the post office and mail a (VERY LATE) birthday gift to a friend, and I had to go to Rite Aid and get drugs. I got to the post office at like 20 after 4, and did not get done till like after 5. Dude, I had 1 SMALL package to mail, but so did the rest of the world. Before I left I spoke to my roommate, who asked me to buy her 2 2 cent stamps, no problem. Then on line I spoke to S, she asked for 2 books of regular stamps, no problem. Then SM called, "oh! you are at the post office, can you get me 2 books of 2 cent stamps, and 6 passport applications!" no problem. Did I remember to get myself stamps???? NO!!!!!!!!!!! So after post office, I went to H's for supper and baths, then I finally made it to Rite Aid at like 8:15. SO TIRED... Anyway, remember to keep my friends dad in your t'filos.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

need your help

Please give a prayer for Mr. C, he is my friends father, and needs all our help and thoughts and tefilos (prayers) right now. Besides being my friends dad, he truly is just a great guy. Y'all know the power of prayer so get to it!
On a totally different note, I can't believe that the freakin steelers won. I have previously posted about my feelings for this awful team, but they have not subsided any since yesterday. Work is still going ok, but I know this weekend is gonna be killer. My saving grace is that the boss leave for Aretz (the Holy Land) next Tuesday, and will be gone for 10 days! WOO HOO! That is all from boring Baltimore.
F OUT!!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I am going to guess that anyone who reads this knows me. As such, you should all know that I dislike the Indy football team. I dislike them so much, I will not even say their name. This is because they used to be the Baltimore football team, but snuck off like teenagers in the middle of the night! In any case, I don't like them, but I like them more than the Steelers! I really really really hate the Steelers! They just piss me off, push my buttons, whatever you want to say. I feel about the Steelers like I feel about the Yankees, give you an idea? In any case, those 2 teams are playing each other for a chance to go the AFC championship game. Everyone thought that Indy would win no problem, everyone except the Steelers! Damnit they are winning! End of the 3rd quarter, and the steelers are up by more than 2 touchdowns, that pisses me off!
Think nasty thoughts towards "The Bus" y'all!
F OUT!!!!

Indy came ALMOST all the way back.. Almost being the operative word there. They had the chance to tie the game with like 25 seconds left with a field goal by Vanderjajgt, but he missed wide right, and I mean WIDE right! Oh well, it looks like the Steelers go on to Denver. Damn, GO Broncos I guess

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Ok hope everyone had a nice Shabbos. Or Friday night, whatever. Off the bat, Friday it was like 55 degrees, and now it is FREEZING! DUDE!!!!!! and the wind!!! Oh my! Ok got that off my chest. Now I would like this damn cold to go away. Again I say it is not fair, I was sick last week. Oh well........ I babysat for MM tonite. Check him and his cute self out there on the left. The rest of the H kids were shluf, but technically, I was babysitting for them too. He is getting so big, K"EH. I can't get over how quickly they grow at this age. I am exhausted so I am going to go shluffie myself, just wanted to wish everyone a Shavua Tov (good week) I fail to see that the "red eye reduction" feature on my camera is working, cause trust me the kid has blue eyes!
F OUT!!!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

TGFS (Thank G-D for Shabbos)

Well....... That turned out to be a long, painful week. Thank G-D it is OVER!! Next week will be better, I know it will. Although we do have a HUGE convention at the end of next week, which means boss will be insane, and by extension that I will be insane. On the other hand, by next week this chest congestion and hacking cough should be gone. If not, it is off to the doctor I go. Next Sunday is my dad's birthday, if anyone knows what I should get him, they should send me an email and let me know, cause I have NO IDEA. Anyway, I am off to the H's for Shabbos. have a good one y'all.
F OUT!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Ani Lo Mevina.... That is all I am gonna say, I don't get it. But then I never did, which could explain lots. Nothing exciting to report here. Work is fine, home life is boring, going away for Shabbos. I dunno....... Wow, my life looks boring in print. Listening to my "Launch" thingie, which is this really cool streaming radio thing from Yahoo, and I have customized my station which means it plays what I like, and not what I don't..... Anyway currently it is playing Meat Loaf, I am all about the Meat Loaf! (Note to J: wanna go to another Loaf show with you!) On phone with my sister now, she is weird. Anyway, I am gonna go make supper now.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Midweek ick!

Wednesdays blow!! Today was kind of blah, must have been the weather. As a side note, I am NOT SICK. I cannot be possibly, I mean I had the damn flu last week, so this chest constriction, and hacking cough must be my imagination. Today is my friend's 30th bday, so good thoughts and wishes to that person.
S called me when I was on my way home from work and said, "hey what are you doing for dinner?" I responded that I was not doing anything special. She replied "I am really in the mood for chicken." I knew what was coming next. She does not have any fleishig (meat) equipment in her kitchen. She wanted to use me for my fleishig oven! Since she offered to share I said yes. We shared a lovely meal of onion rings and chicken nuggets (like we were 7), and some conversation. I have come to the conclusion that it is not all my fault. Some of it is, and I was being selfish, but some of it just happened, NO ONE's fault.
I have to say since I am in a reflective mood, I never thought I would be 30 and alone. Now I know that some yahoo is out there reading this (ok maybe yahoo is a bad word) and going, "you are not alone f! We have been through this, you have lots of friends, and you have your faith, and you are not alone!" I know!!!!! Let me rephrase, I never thought I would be 30, not married, and no kids. More clear? I mean my big goal in life was to get married, and be at least a part time stay at home mom. In any case, that is clearly not in Hashem's plan for the right now. In the future IY"H (G-D willing), it will be. Ok I have obviously crossed into rambling. Time to go shluffie (sleep)
Gnite y'all
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another Tuesday, Another Bath.....

Ok, for those of you who wonder where I go every Tuesday, and are not fortunate enough to know them, this (to my left) should be a pic of the H family. Well most of them. Mr. H was out when I took this pic. Note the cutie in the blue "jamas", she is the one who has appropriated me. She is fond of running around the house going "my Faye, my Faye", which heck, I am all about. Anyway, I went to work today, that was not exciting. Then I went to the H's. The oldest boy (the one is the orange) asked how come I was going home, cause he thinks I live there. That was funny. Tomorrow I have to be at work at 8, which is not so bad. Anyway, I am rambling. Have a good night y'all
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006


Damn I hate being up later than I should be. an hour ago I was falling asleep, I mean dead to the world asleep. Now all of a sudden, I cannot fall asleep, and I know the ambien began to work cause I got that pass out feeling, which has now passed..... damn.... Oh well. I played with my new digial camera tonite, that was exciting, but I had lots of questions, which is why I called my friend Pink, he is computer expert. I may have inadvertatly hurt someone important to me tonight. I did not mean to, I just had a puter question..... shoot check out random pick of our fugly couch
F OUT!!!!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Time Check.....

it is entirely to late for someone my age to be up....... I did not even nap this afternoon. I am so gonna sleep late tomorrow (or with my luck not). Anyway.......... Pink, congrats on the blog. Now you just have to update, unlike efrex!

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I must be feeling better, I am going stir crazy. Have not been out of the house since about 4 yesterday afternoon. I am not going to go out tomorrow either, I do not think. I called my boss, and he told me to stay home tomrorow, and get all the way better, which is fine, except that when I am not there, things have a tendency not to get done, and I am gonna get it on Monday, but whatever, his choice. I need to have challah and stuff, and tonight I am certainly NOT up to going out and getting it. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better enough to get out for a little. We will see. I was on the phone with my friend today, and I was saying that I feel like I should accomplish something if I am not at work. I was told by said friend that my accomplishment would be to take care of myself, and get better. I guess he is right.. Damn I hate it when other people are right! I am usually better about being sick, but I just feel awful, although better than yesterday. I am going to go lay down again, cause I have no energy.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I am NOT sick......... Hear me, not sick!!!!!!!!! I am not sick, I am not sick, I am not sick. I really hope that whatever it is passes quickly. I am not even stuffed up, just have fever, and chills, and aches. ICK
F OUT (back to bed)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2006 everyone! I hope that this year is filled with Bracha (blessing) and Mazal (luck) for everyone! I know that I do not get a chance to keep up will all of you in person, but I hope that this in some small way makes up for it. I love you all, and am eternally thankful to have you for friends! F OUT!!!!!!!
p.s just 26 days until I turn the BIG 30