Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shavua Tov....

Hello all. Dateline Sat night..... Well Shabbos is over, and once again I have big plans for this evening....... NOT..... I am finishing a Laurell K Hamilton novel. She is a naughty naughty woman. Kinda kinky in fact. I am possibly going to take a shower. I am definitely going to have some sort of dinner, then I am going to read some more. To cap off this lovely evening, I will go to bed. I know, I know, you all want to be me, I lead such an exciting life! I got my "Rent" movie poster. I am so excited about it. Now, what is so exciting about a movie poster? Well, I am glad you asked. First of all, I am a "Rent-Head" which means I like to poster all by itself, but second of all the entire poster is in HEBREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that? I will be around tonight if anyone wants to talk to me.

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