Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Difference of Opinion.....

The chest congestion, and cough and stuff has not gone away, so Tuesday, as promised, I called the Doctor. Office called back yesterday, and said I could come in today. So I left work and went to the Doctor. I go into the exam room, and wait for him. he enters, and I tell him in no uncertain terms that "I am NOT sick!!!" He told me that I was wrong. He said he thought I had bronchitis. In fact, he didn;t think it, he was pretty darn certain. Darnit!! Just one winter I would like to not get sick. My good news was that I do not have ear infections. WOOHOO!(twirls finger in air), and that today my temp was only a little elevated. He gave me some anti-biotics, so I did not have to go to the pharmacy and spend money, and some other stuff, and told me up my fluid intake. To what I asked? I already drink close to 80 oz of water a day.... Whatever, I am sick of being sick, and in this case, not only am I sick, but I was WRONG! BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F OUT!!!!

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