Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ok, so I am not gonna make it an every day thing, but onward to another entry.  Those of you who read this know my mother passed away almost 9 years ago.  This was a huge loss for my entire family, but i believe it was hardest of all on my Abba.  My parents were married for 31 wonderful years, and, as my Abba puts it, if my Ima hadn't ruined things by dying, they'd STILL be married.  That's just our family's bizarre sense of humor.  In any case, a little over a year ago, my father met, though a member of his shul, a lovely lady named Stephanie.  Within a VERY short amount of time, they decided that they were happier together than they were apart, so they got engaged.  2 weeks b4 Pesach, we celebrated their wedding.  I am trying to upload some pics from the happy day.  Let's see if I have any luck.  From top to bottom, My Abba & his Kallah, my sister & I at the wedding & the 3 Bermans.  That is all from Baltimore for now.  have a lovely day y'all!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My friend recently challenged a bunch of us who used to be regular blogger, to do so again for a month.  I have NOTHING new in my life, but figured I would at least start the challenge.  In the upcoming days I will blog about my Abba's wedding, our first Pesach as a mixed family & the adorableness that is my cats.  Hope all is well with the 2 of you that read this.  There, M, I blogged!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

take that!!

Just a quick post... Rex Ryan kept saying his Jets were going to the Super Bowl, after Sunday night I have to ask, how? I guess they can all afford the price of an admission ticket but that is the only way. Gotta love that the D showed up so well against their former Guru. That is all for now, G'nite from Charm City

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello World!

I have not posted in, oh I dunno, forever.... I am not sure anyone reads this anymore. My life has been crazy lately. For those not in the know, I was happily living my life, working a bazillion hours a week, and having a personal life too, when suddenly, not so much... 2 hospital visits, countless MRIs& 1 giant emergency surgery later, here i am stuck (literally) in a wheelchair, having no work life, and no social life either. Thank goodness I have wonderful friends. I don't want to concentrate on negative things, but I feel a rant against SSA may be in the offing. That's all for now.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello World!!

So I was reminded by one of my lovely friends that it has been a long long time since I have posted. I have nothing new to say, really. I am plodding along B"H things are generally good. The arthritis is what it is, and the pain is what it is. I am looking forward to Purim, well trying anyway. I have been enjoying getting back in touch with friends from the past. Notice I did not say old friends, cause I am not, and neither are they! I made one colossal mistake in regards to Puirim, however. I looked at a calendar, and did you know that Pesach is in 4 and a half WEEKS!!!!! I protest, let's move it, or change it, or go to Florida! Anyway, that is all from Baltimore, I hope alll is well where you all are.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Caps for Sale

Title is a bit misleading... I made a hat for my friend who lives in Fla. I was gonna post a pic, but I left it on my home machine. Oh well. I am updating, for no good reason, other than I feel like the one person who reads this deserves to read something new once in a while. F Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hello cyber peoples! I know I really have not been great about posting. As I have said before, my life is pretty static, so there is not a ton to write about. I have no idea if I have any loyal readers anymore, but if I do, I thank you. Lets see, job is good, B"H, other job starts up again Sunday, which means I will get out of the house instead of working all day. I mean, I will be working, but in a car, not in my apt.
Oh, Pesach, right! Hope everyone's was nice. My first days were super awesome! I got to see my friend S who lives in LA. She and her hubby and son came in for the first days and we all congregated at SMs house, it was crowded but fun. Also, S' son NY is about the cutest I have EVER seen (dis mine? dis mine? good). S, I really really really miss you! SM was a lovely hostess as awlays. M I am really really sorry we did not connect over the phone while you were in Houston. I miss you too!
J in NJ, I am pretty sure you do not read this, but just in case, boy do I miss you!! I cannot wait to go to Dave & Busters with you.
J in VA, I am sure that there is no way you read this drivel, but since I am in CYA mode, I have to give you props for replacing most of my music and opening my eyes to some new sounds as well, plus it is always fun to talk to someone who knew me when I had eyes that could actually see and buck teeth.
B in the Holy Land..... I enjoyed our actual almost chat before Chag, and Mrs, B it was lovely to acutally hear your voice, I will try to be better about calling. I miss you guys!

Ok that is it, I am done.
F OUT!!!