Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hello cyber peoples! I know I really have not been great about posting. As I have said before, my life is pretty static, so there is not a ton to write about. I have no idea if I have any loyal readers anymore, but if I do, I thank you. Lets see, job is good, B"H, other job starts up again Sunday, which means I will get out of the house instead of working all day. I mean, I will be working, but in a car, not in my apt.
Oh, Pesach, right! Hope everyone's was nice. My first days were super awesome! I got to see my friend S who lives in LA. She and her hubby and son came in for the first days and we all congregated at SMs house, it was crowded but fun. Also, S' son NY is about the cutest I have EVER seen (dis mine? dis mine? good). S, I really really really miss you! SM was a lovely hostess as awlays. M I am really really sorry we did not connect over the phone while you were in Houston. I miss you too!
J in NJ, I am pretty sure you do not read this, but just in case, boy do I miss you!! I cannot wait to go to Dave & Busters with you.
J in VA, I am sure that there is no way you read this drivel, but since I am in CYA mode, I have to give you props for replacing most of my music and opening my eyes to some new sounds as well, plus it is always fun to talk to someone who knew me when I had eyes that could actually see and buck teeth.
B in the Holy Land..... I enjoyed our actual almost chat before Chag, and Mrs, B it was lovely to acutally hear your voice, I will try to be better about calling. I miss you guys!

Ok that is it, I am done.
F OUT!!!

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Miriam the Mommy said...

I believe that's NEH, not BLEH.

I will call you soon, IY"H, since my act was entirely not together in the US of WalMart.