Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Just a quick medical update for the 4 of you that read this. I went to the podiatrst last night cause I am still in pain, and he decided that my orthotics need to be fixed. So I am still having pain from the arthritis in my feet, as well as pain from the orthotics, which are hopefully going to be better when they come back. Yesterday i woke up and I could not hear out of 1 ear. Today I went to the ENT who looked in my ear, and promptly invited me to go to the room with the giant microscope in it. He attached said microscope to my ear, then probed around with a long point thing (which HURT) then he administered drops, then he sucked up the whole thing with a vaccuum. The process was repeated like 5 times, which took close to an hour. The culprit? you may ask? PSORIASIS. I mean really people, in my inner ear! Is there no part of my body this stupid disorder will not mess with. In any case, he added 2 more meds to my regime, which brings my total to something like 8. ICK.
That is all for now. B"H I can hear again. I am going to bed now.
Layla Tov y'all!
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jenn said...

Sorry you are having all of these problems. Wouldn't t be great if the guy who guesses your weight and age at the carnival, would also have a "guess how many pills I take a day" option? At least you could get a free stuffed animal out of all of this.

You better start healing a little so that we can party hardy (by that I mean eat a lot of pizza and make fun of other diners - woo hoo)when I come to bawlmer!

Have a great Shabbos.