Sunday, February 04, 2007


Darn that Peyton Manning and the Indy football team!

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Jenn said...

I was thinking about you and how upset you must be last night. Sorry.

Yirmi read that Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day for pizza consumption in the US, so he decided that we needed to have a Super Bowl Party (can you tell he likes pizza.) It was a fun party until we ran out of pizza and everyone deserted me to go watch the Simpsons upstairs:-( Then the Colts won, so a lame-o night overall.

They canced school today becase it was -4 degrees with a windchill of -21 this morning. I hear that you are having a heat wave of 9 degrees there - lucky.

Now I am enduring the tedious process of trying to make a CD of the Daf Yomi for Ezra to take on a business trip over the next couple of days. It's no mix tape, but an expresion of affection nonetheless.