Monday, April 14, 2008

Ho Hum.........

I know I have not been posting lots. Working lots of hours precludes me having lots of posting time. I just wanted to wish everyone a Chag Kasher v'Sam'each, in case I do not have a chance to do it in person (Mrs. Druyan, this mostly means you). I am B"H doing well, except for the fact that since I have no health insurance I have not had an arthritis treatment since January, and I am having a fair amount of joint pain and swelling. Still, B"H it is not stopping me from cleaning for Pesach , just means it takes a little bit longer. Speaking of which, I think I can see the end. I am almost done with my kitchen, and after that all I have is my car, and I have slave labor for that!
That is all from here... F OUT!!!!!!!!!!

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Miriam the Mommy said...

You know, first night of Pesach I had a dream that you and I were talking on a cell phone, and then my battery died, so I broke into someone's backyard and used their outdoor phone (they lived near the bayou in Houston) and called you back, then paid the guy three shekel for using his phone.


And the whole time my son (!) was playing in the yard. Subtle hint? I ain't telling!