Monday, June 02, 2008

crafty goodness

I have been busy working and... well working. I wanted to take a minute to show off though. A lady at work asked me on Friday if I make slippers, and I replied that I did, but that just now I was so busy that I really did not have time. She replied that it was a shame b/c she has a friend who is undergoing chemo R"L, and her feet are always cold. Well, after that I could not just sit there, so yesterday, I whipped up these. I think they look springish (I also think the colors remind me of a watermelon) and I hope they bring her some small measure of cheer.

I will also be posting in the near future the blankets I made for the chinese auction to benefit one of the schools here, and also hopefully (if she ever sends me pics) the top I made for my crafty friend Xan

Thanks for looking, that is all from here in temperate Baltimore, F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


Miriam the Mommy said...

Too funny - I had a dream about you last night, and then poof, you blogged!

In my dream you were happily married and B"H pregnant, and when I woke up I was SO ANNOYED that I couldn't remember WHO your husband was! Just that he was really sweet and nice, even if he did pat me on the shoulder a couple times.

Chalom tov chalamti! Chalom tov chalamti! Chalom tov chalamti! May it be a siman tov ubracha, AMEN!

Faye said...

He patted you on the shoulder!?!?!?! I would NEVER marry a man that touched my friends!!!!! As far as the rest goes, AMEN!