Sunday, August 22, 2004

Another Saturday Night......

You know the song. Another Saturday night, and I ain't got nobody. Except that B"H I really do have lots of people that I can count on. I do not think I say thank you enough, so here is a short list. I realize that most of you do not read this, but what the hell, it is theraputic for me. J- I miss you, and wish you and DAH the best. D-I miss you as well, and was really excited to see you 2 weeks ago. L-the shabbos we spent together was eye opening, and G-D Bless you for it! N&A glad that you are settling into your new house! Brat- can't wait to watch the O's lose with you and Abba tomorrow (later today) B&B you guys have always been there for me, and I know will continue to be, even from Aretz! J&E-I miss you guys, and miss going to piano bars with you! Ok I think that almost covers it, I am sure I left people out, but that is the crux of it!
On a new topic entirely........ Michael Phelps is YUMMY!!!!!!! I just cannot get over how great he looks in those ridiculous capri length swimming trunks. Ok, I know he is like 12, but I am entitled to look! In general, I have been quite impressed with the US athletes, my one exception would be the "Dream Team", boy do they bite! Anyway, it is like midnight, and I am just starting my blog reading, so I will go do that. F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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