Sunday, August 15, 2004


What is that they say about there only being 3 certain things in life? Anyway....... Spent lots of tonite trying to do my taxes with my friends husband, who is an acct. We got most of it figured out, but were missing 1 piece of paper. Stupid IRS! So tomorrow I will get to do this again....... And do my state taxes. G-D I cannot wait to be done with this. Anyway, I am going to go watch the late coverage of the olympics. E&J if you read this, have fun with the bookshelves!!!!!!!! L, if you read this, I miss you, and cannot wait to come visit you.


Anonymous said...

this is "me" - could not "post" the regular way...just wanted to say that if you are visiting teh L that is in NY i hope that you will be visiting "me" too!!! I MISS YOU !!!

Faye Berman said...

betach sh'ken