Sunday, November 21, 2004


Ok so I just realized that I have not posted since the day of the elections, or the day after...... I have been remarkably busy at work. In fact, the fact that today is Sunday means NOTHING and I will head into work for a few hours. Of course I think that my boss did it on purpose, so I would miss the game today. The RAVENS take on the DALLAS COWBOYS. We will see how that goes, but I am not too worried, after all the Cowboys are not exactly having a stellar season. In any case, I will not get to watch, since I will be supervising the washing of the dishes at work. On a completely different note, can you believe that Thursday is Thanksgiving already? I will (surprise, surprise) be working on Thursday. Only half a day I hope. My Abba and my sister will be here for the meal, which I still have to find time to cook. I may have to give up my chavrusa on Tuesday, which I really do not want to do........ I think I will start to cook tonite, and I might actually *gasp* buy dessert instead of cooking it. Anyway, F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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