Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Today is Tuesday. Nothing exciting is going on. Currently the American League is losing the All-Star game, but I do not care so much since I have taken half a percoset. I am eligible for a new phone, and there are some really cute ones I could get.
I got to leave work a little bit early today because there was a black out, and clearly nothing I can do in that situation. I took the opportunity to go visit the H's which I have not done in a LONG time. I really really miss going there. :-(
My friend J came to visit this weekend, and we had a really nice time. We did a grand total of NOTHING since I am broken, but it was so nice to see him, and I am glad that he is doing well in his new job in Philly.
D, thanks for the Susan Kates files, I am loving it.
R, Sorry to hear about Syd. Let me know if you hear anymore.
That is all from here.


Jenn said...

It was great to see you this weekend, even if it was only for a half hour.


Faye Berman said...

yeah, it was nice. I sent you pics.