Friday, October 19, 2007

TGFS (like TGIF, but different)

Whew! What a week. Sunday was my last day in my teaching driving course. I took (and passed) a written final, and gave my last behind the wheel lesson. I dislike parallel parking. Really, really dislike it. On Monday, I wrote up my final lesson plan, and emailed it to my instructor, who then in turn issued me a certificate of completion for the course (which I have not yet received, but that is a different story). Of course, I have been working all week at my govt job, which I only hope they let me keep. Tuesday night I had some sort of evil stomach bug, which is taking forever to schlep it's way through my system. Feeling better, but still not 100%.
Last night I taught my first driver's ed. class. Wow teenage girls talk a lot. I am hoping to get more into the groove of things as time goes on, cause they just did not want to listen for anything. "What do you mean it is dangerous to use a cell phone while you are driving, my dad does it all the time!" Or, "well we can always steer with our knees." That one was disturbing. However, by far the most disturbing thing said last night was "It's not dangerous for a child under 12 to be in the front seat, my mom put my little brother there all the time"! That frightened me to my very core.
I am so very very looking forward to Shabbos, and just having a chance to relax. No class Sunday, and I am not teaching or driving Sunday, so I will actually get to watch the Ravens game, which, go me. Time to go back to my Excel spreadsheets, hope you all have a lovely weekend.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!

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