Monday, April 10, 2006

T minus 3 days and counting.......

I have cleaned my house for Pesach. All I have left to do is Kasher the sink, cover the counters, and put the plastic on the table. Oh yeah, I do not have any food either. I cleaned all freakin day today. Scrubbing the stove, scrubbing the fridge, scrubbing the floor. My back is killing me. I need a back rub. I need a new bed. I need for these in between days to be over. Tomorrow I will go to work, and then oh yeah, I have to clean my car. I totally forgot about that till now. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely need to clean my car. As Pesach gets closer I am getting more apprehensive about fire. I know it is irrational, and I am mostly ok. I should be sleeping. I was kinda waiting up on the off chance that a friend would need some company on their drive home, but no call, so I am guessing that either they stayed where they were, or they are all good. Anyway, I have crossed over onto babbeling now, so I am going to go lay in my torture chamber of a bed, and try to get some rest.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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