Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Earflaps ahoy!

So I finally got around to making a hat for my friends son. MM is 2, and his favorite phrase is "also me" which makes sense considering he has 3 older siblings! Anyway, everytime I bring a hat to SM to look hat, he says "also me", or "I see" which is 2 year old for "let me try on the hat Faye" Now he has his very own.

I also made this lovely hat for the scion of the Druyan family, so M, take a look, hope you like it!


Miriam the Mommy said...


How do you spell 'cute hat'?


Sorry, couldn't help it..

Nu, so stick it on the shop already! Or I can send you shekel... ;)

Faye said...

it is not me that posts it in the shop, but it should be up soon. I hope she enjoys it!