Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I apologize for not posting (not that I am ever very good at it) My computer is on the fritz. Let's see, My vacation from work was lovely, I took advantage of the situation by WORKING! Ah, the beauty of 2 jobs. I am getting slowly more comfortable teaching driving. I still have the urge to scream, but in general I am pretty good about staying calm, and helping to correct instead of closing my eyes, and slamming the instructors break. I hit the Black Friday sales, and got myself an MP3 player, and some yarn. Speaking of yarn, I have been cranking out hats and things. I have been making ear flap hats lately, apparently they are all the rage. I have even sold 1 (Hi M), however I have made many many more. I have finished holiday presents for most of my friends, and I think they are going to be QUITE pleased with them. Yay homemade!
I guess that is it from around here.

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