Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Holy Time Lapse, Batman!!!

Wow, it has been a really really long time since I posted. I apologize. I know it is not fair, I mean I get upset if M does not post, but then again, I do not have an adorable child to post about, or really funny anecdotes to relate.
So how is my life going... I sum up.....
1. no permanent job yet, but have been temping at the Department of Juvenile Services for just over a month now. Working in the Program Development, and Policy Departments. I really enjoy it, however, the State is persnicity about how they hire people, so I do not think that this is going to become a permanent thing.
2. I have a part time job as an office manager at a driving school that is run by the nicest man. It is only a few hours a week, especially since there are no classes going on right now.
3. Starting Sunday I will begin an intensicve 10 week course that will enable me to teach Driver's Ed. Classroom, and behind the wheel alike. I am not thrilled with the prospect, but can't really say anything b/c nice man who owns school is financing said course.
4. The chagim are coming whether I want them to or not. They are coming at a much more rapid clip then I want them to, but what can you do.
5. I am still NOT MARRIED.............

Zehu from Bmore.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


Miriam the Mommy said...

I knew you were in there somewhere!!

Driver's ed teacher, huh? Mine was a very southern man named Clarence (I kid you not) who said he enjoyed teaching the "Jew kids" and would usually include the McDonald's drive through as a destination for test driving. Then again, my driving school kept losing its license...

BUT - I'm happy you can afford food!!


Faye Berman said...

yeah well, not solvent yet, but on my way, IY"H. I am grumpy this morning due to power outage last night, and stuffy train this morning, and I am just not looking forward to starting this class, but hey, it is a good skill to have. Thanks for the comment, glad someone still reads this.

sugarandsnails said...

Hey look, this is me commenting on your blog! Now we can be blog buddies!