Friday, August 24, 2007

Mazal Tov!

So I am driving home from Wally World last night (I needed a new ethernet cable), and I am on the phone with my friend. We are chatting along, and I get a beep. I ask her to hold on, and a check the caller ID, and my friend's husbands name pops up. I tell SM that I have to go cause that is N'S cell popping up, and that must me that A had the baby. I knew she was due around now. So I click over, and it is not N, but A herself! "It's a girl!" We were chatting, and I remarked as to how calm and relaxed she sounded, and asked her when she had given birth. her answer? "About an hour ago!" I was impressed. So MAZAL TOV N&A. May she and her big sister bring you lots of nachas and joy. I guess it is time to get my needles ready!
oh, and side note,
have a Good Shabbos, y'all!
F OUT!!!!!

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