Thursday, August 30, 2007

I despise the phone company

I think the title says it all. I have been having problems with static on my line for months now, and they have sent a string of technicians out to "fix" it. Every time they call me and tell me it is fixed, and for like a day, it is. This last time they assured me that all they needed was access to the telephone room, which the rental office controls, and it would be all good. Yesterday morning, I put up my away message on my DSL, and merrily went on my way to work. The Verizon guy called me and told me he had cleared the static problem, fine, great, lovely. However, imagine my surprise when I get home, and he has also cleared my DIAL TONE! So I open up my computer, and I have no DSL either, now F is not happy. So I pick up my cell and I call the oh-so-brilliant phone company and give them my phone number, I even tell them that I have no dial tone. The first question that the mental midget on the other end asks me is "are you calling from that number now?" I almost (but did not) lost it! Clearly not, since there is no dial tone, you idiot! She tells me that the trouble ticket says that the tech cleared the static but that there is a problem inside now. I cannot fathom how their outside finagling made an inside problem, but whatever. They cannot send someone out until tomorrow, between 1-5. Great I tell her, except I work for a living (sometimes) and I will not be home. I am at my wits end at this point, and am barely restraining myself from yelling at the phenomenally unhelpful customer service, and I use the term loosely, person. I called my friend who is home on Friday's, in desperation. Could she come let the guy in? She can, but it means that she has to get 4 kids into the car, and schlep over. I feel so bad putting her on the spot you have NO idea. So hopefully tomorrow I will again have phone and Internet service. I have also spoken to more people at the phone company and informed them of the credit I will be receiving on both my phone, and Internet bills, and oh yes, my cell phone. It is not like I chose not to use my land line, their incompetence TOOK IT AWAY! GRRRRRR Did I mention my dislike for stupid people? Ha, and you all wonder why I have no patience, Should be clear as crystal now!
This rant was brought to you by the letter "G" for Grumpy
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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sugarandsnails said...

You should have punched them.