Friday, April 16, 2004

Erev Shabbat 4-16
I hope everyone got their taxes in on time. For myself, I did an extension since my idiot of an ex husband was on unemployment, and I REFUSE to pay the taxes on that! Anywho.... so B"H for Shabbat. I am eating out both meals, which means I did not have to deal with the mess that is Seven Mile Market. Just as a side I need everyone to daven really really really hard for Yael Yehudis Sara Bat Sima. My friends mother is very ill, and now it is a matter of time. I have a chavrusa every Monday and we learn in her zechus, so if anyone is kovea itim, and they would mention her name, I would appreciate it. Ok so that is done. The job seach continues, if anyone knows what I can do besides teaching, please let me know. Again to the 4 people who read this in cyber space, have a great shabbat and call me.

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