Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I have had some time to sleep now. Not that I am not still exhausted. Pesach on the whole was AMAZING!! I felt like part of a family, which was nice, since mine was all apart this year. Thank G-D for S&D, I am telling you. There were a few notable exceptions to my fantastic holiday. I got to go swimming (yay) then coming out of the pool my (left) ankle gave out and my shins slammed down on the pool deck(boo). After realizing that both legs still worked (yay) I got out of the pool to discover a 2 inch wide gash in my leg that proceeded to bleed for 3 days. (boo) my right leg is black and blue from right below my knee to my ankle. I think I popped a blood vessel or something (boo) I got to sleep late a few mornings (yay). The one big bad serious icky thing was that I had to light my first yartzheit candle this year, and that was NOT fun. I also said Yizkor for the first time. I asked a she'eila for all of you who care and that is the p'sak I got, so yizkor it was. It was truthfully a lot of buildup about a few paragraphs of tefilot, not at all bad. However when I lit the candle monday night it was bad. It made for a very weepy last day of Yom Tov. None of this was helped by my roommate telling me that "yes my husband walked out on me, and yes my mother died, but that i have to GET OVER IT!!" and "MOVE ON" So that was the bad parts. I met some truly amazing people, and I will state their names here for the record. Rabbi Yale Butler, you are an amazing man and should continue to see nachas from all of your offspriing, and Rabbi Mendel Markel, you are a true Ish Torah, and the world should benefit from your insights for a long long time. TrueKabbalah . Okie dokie then, I am going to sign off for a while. If you want to hear about my epiphany then please email me, or call me, since I am too tired to type it here. Also, Shavuous in Harrisburg for any single people who want to come do a HUGE mitzvah! Call or email me for details!