Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Ok, so I finally figured out how to rig my blog so that I can insert a title, and I was all excited cause I learned the HTML code to do things in color, and now on my toobar, is a freaking "color" thing!  That is it, no brains, no code, just click the stupid box! damnit!  Next to the stupid color box is a link box, which means that I did not have to bother to learn the code for that either! darnit!!!!!!! Since it is here, I will use it.  I am sure that most of you have seen this already, but go to  There is a really really funny song there, if you bother go and check out "This land is your land"  Anyway, I am starving and in general I hate the 9 days, which I guess is the point!
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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