Wednesday, July 07, 2004

ok, so I had jury duty today. It was some special case, with a visiting judge, and a whole hoohaa. So we have to be there atr 8:15, but they do not start till 12. Thankfully I had a friend with me (yay chaya!!!!!!!!) Then they asked endless questions, and I finally was able to tell the judge that I am my only source of support and if I do not work, then I do not get paid. Since it is a murder trial I aslo told him that my cousin was murdered, and that would color my view. So finally at like 4:45 they read off a whole bunch of numbers that are excused. I was NOT among them. Then they took roll call, then dismissed a whole bunch more people. Again, I was not among them. Then at 5, they go, well we are not able to pick a jury today, so you need to come back tomrorow at 12:30. My faith in the justice system is now non-existent!!!!!!!
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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