Thursday, July 08, 2004

ok so long story short, I was excused (no need to read any further if that is what you were searching for.) Now the LONG version.
I get there at 12:30 like a good girl. I sit there, I sit there some more. At 1:45 the judge comes in, and thanks us for our patience, and says that they are trying to work on some things. They are sorry for all the hurry up and wait, but just to be patient for a while longer. So I wait, and I wait some more. Then at 3;57 the clerk comes in and tells us to go to the courtroom we were in yesterday where they FINALLY start jury selection. Which by the way, is a tedious process. So they get to my number and asked if I was acceptable to the state, which I was, then asked if I was acceptable to the defense, which I was NOT! B"H To add to the freak out factor, the defendant is staring at you the whole time!! Today we learned that he contracting to have 2 of the witnesses murdered, and this a*&hole knows my name?????
F OUT!!!!!!!!!

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