Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Right so........ again, the title is apropos of nothing, except that it is a Muppets song that I love.  I had written in previous posts that like the title song to Avenue Q, it "Sucked to be me".  I would like to be the first to announce, that it no longer sucks to be me, it only mildly bites.  I think that I am truly trying to move forward in my life.  I still miss my Ima immensely, but it really does get easier.  I am happy with work, though incredibly busy.  I guess you cannot have it both ways, before I was bored with nothing to do, and now I am super busy.  Hashem should continue to be good to my boss, who really is a big ba'al tzedakah.  As far as the leaving of the person I thought loved me more than any other, apparently I was wrong.  I have made mistakes before, and always learned from them, so this is no different.
On a completely different note, I was able to listen to the ORIOLES game today because i brought a radio with me to work.  In any case, they just beat up on the poor Kansas City Royals to no end.  The final was 12-3.  This too made me happy.  I have learned to be happy with myself, and with small things, that is a valuable lesson y'all.  I have also learned that I, by myself, am a person of value, and do not need anyone else to tell me so (although compliments are ALWAYS welcome!) In any case, that is all for this evening from hot, humid, sticky B-more.
F OUT!!!

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