Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Morning...

Good morning y'all. Here in scenic Baltimore, it is warm and overcast and muggy. A gross portent of things to come I gather. I hate summer in Baltimore!
I spent Shabbos at the H's. It was nice. Friday night was relaxing except for a weird work nightmare that I had. I need to stop doing that btw: no more bringing work with me. Anyway... Friday night was relaxing. Shabbos morning we all got ourselves together and went to shul to hear Parshas Zachor. I forget every year how short it is. All that scurrying around for like 3 psukim (passages). The K's came for lunch, and it was very nice. After lunch I suggested that both the Mrs. & Mr. take naps, cause they looked beat. Mrs. took me up on my offer, and Mr. went off to shul to learn. I took the 2 girls, and the baby boy and went for a walk. He fell asleep in the stroller and I did not want to take him out, so I stayed outside and rocked him in the stroller for a while. All in all it was great.
After Shabbos we made Y's costume for Purim, he is truly the cutest Chassid ever! That is him in the pic. Today my Abba is supposed to come up, but I do not know if he actually is, b/c he does not answer his phone!

Anyway, I gotta go make bread for Purim Seudah!

F OUT!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a busy shabbos. I don't know that kid but tell him he makes a good chassid in training. He obviously doesn't have a TV. If he did he would want to be something horrific like my kids. Have a great Purim if I don't speak to you before hand.