Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday....

oh whatever. Now that S is married, and does not have internet access no one reads this anyway.
My Abba came up today. We hung out for a while, it was nice. We went to Shabsi's, and I bought a Megillas Esther, cause it dawned on me that while I USED to have several copies they all burned in the fire. I bought one that has big print since I am getting old. It also has all the audience participation parts underlined which is good for me.
Now I am home, and just chilling, even though I should be making Shalach Manos. I am just feeling blah, so I am not. I do have a really really cute theme this year tho. I am SOOO looking forward to Purim. I do not have to work this year, which is cool. Anyway, the pic is my dad and the H girls looking at the megilla that CHH made.
F OUT!!!


me oh my said...


hope you had a great purim, ours was nice, not sure what time zone we are in but its good to be home.

im not traveling to the states for a while, I am exhauted.

Faye Berman said...

I am glad you are home, I am sorry some of your family is sick. Refuah shleima to them!
less than a month till Pesach! ARGH

Anonymous said...

THAT IS NOT TRUE!!! I READ It (err...ummm...when I have a chance to breath, which granted is not very often...)