Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Ok, trying to add a picture to my post, but failing miserably. ARGH stupid computer issues, stupid internet issues, stupid dialogue. Anyway............. So today is Tuesday, which means I went to the H's for dinner. At some point today I realized that Purim is a week away, and I do not have a megillah, cause it BURNED! My dad is coming up Sunday so maybe we will go to the book store together, and go shopping. So anyway, after dinner, I gave baths, like I usually do. The 3 year old exhibited her new talent. She tries to pour the water over her own head to get the shampoo out. This induces lots of splashing and giggling, but little actual rinsing. I need to go food shopping tomorrow night, to buy stuff for Shalach manos. That should be fun. I am absolutely zonked, so I am gonna go to bed. G'nite y'all
Marvin B. Simcha

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