Saturday, May 01, 2004

I hope everyone had a pleasant Sabbath. Mine was nice. I spent it at my friends house. I got there Friday, and I washed and put away dishes, and generally cleaned p after the hurricane that is 3 children. I realized as I was doing this that I was just like my single friends from 5 years ago. They would come to me for Shabbos, and help cook and clean and stuff. Now they are all married with kids and I am single..... *sigh* Anyway, the job prospects are not looking great, and I am still not real hopeful, but on the plus side, I might be evicted. I am starving, but have no food in the house, and have no motivation to go buy any...... That is all for now. Going to see my Abba tomorrow, first time in like 3 months.......

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