Sunday, May 16, 2004

Wow! how is that for an obnoxious color?? Okie, moving on with business. So I went down to see my siser, and instead of having our little bonding fest, she decided to be sick, the little brat!!! Anyway, after a sleepless night, she felt better, so we went along our merry ways. Me to home, and she to a baby shower. Except.... not so much. So let's change that to both of us to my house, then to Patient First. We get there, they do blood work. She has an elevated white cell count, which means infection. "What is causing the infection?" we ask, "We don't know" is the oh so intelligent answer. So she is here with me, and we will see how she feels tomorrow. So I am going to go take care of her, as we know more I will let you all know. F OUT!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with your html abilities. you really are a pro

Faye Berman said...

and maybe you are not such a windbag after all!