Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ok so yesterday that I bragged that I learned enuf HTML code to write in color, BIIIIIG mistake, since today I do nto remember it. Going to go look back in my old posts to see if the code is there... Alright I looked back in my posts, lets see if it works. I should now be writing to you in a really really pretty periwinkle/purple color. Now it should be a mulberry color. Ok, so now that I am done playing with fonts. I went to see one of my kids play softball tonite, her team lost really badly, but GO ATHLETICS anyway! her dad asked me if I had ever thought about coaching. I had not, write and tell me what you think.
As a side note, I cannot stand my boss, she just really ticks me off, and take me for granted. I must find another job, and I think I am gonna need help. I am going to go, cause it is after 9 and it is late enuf to count the Sefirah......
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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