Saturday, February 18, 2006


Ok, first of all, it is freakin cold outside! I went to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription tonite, and it was absolutely an excersize in frustration. I firmly believe that if you work in a pharmacy you need to speak ENGLISH! She tells me that my script is not there. I insist that it is there, cause I know the doctor called it in. No, not here, she insists. I (calmly) suggest that she look again. Magically it is there. Go figure. Then I made the HUGE mistake of asking her if she knew where something was. I mean, it is not like I did not look on my own first. I went to the aisle marked with the product that I needed, it just was not there. Whatever.
After that I went to the H's to babysit. MM did NOT want to go to sleep. I mean even a little. You could see that he was exhausted. it was almost as if he was saying "no, no, I won't fall asleep, there is stuff to see!" Eventually he went down, B"H. Anyway, Me and my Ben & Jerry's are gonna go hang out then I am going to bed. (I lead such an exciting life)
F OUT!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It must be something about Rite Aid. If you had walked into any of the Rite Aids here, you would have had exactly the same experience.


Faye Berman said...

Rite Aid Blows!!!!!!!!!!!!