Tuesday, February 07, 2006

a change of pace

I did NOT go give baths tonite. SM went to the "Women's Showcase of Talent" to sell chinese auction tickets (no, you don't win a Chinese person). She did not stay for the showcase, and I was not interested in going alone. Instead I went to my friend J. He is my friend the soldier (well one of them), and I have not seen him in a while. He is doing well, B"H. He had some minor surgery today, but on the whole seems to be adjusting to the amputation remarkably well. I also saw M, who I have not seen in a LONG time. Anyway, that is all from here. I know, I am boring. Y'all will have to deal. Oh Pink: thanks for the computer help, and for listening to me complain, as always, it is appreciated!
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

No new posts???? Come on girl I know you got stuff to let out; so lets hear it. give us some time to respond befor / or / after shabbos. besides; you will feel better if you let it out after the day you have had.

remember that G-d's plan is G-d's plan and not for us to know. All we can do is have trust in all that we may not understand. G-d is there for us. and as i have told befor "free will = DetaILS"

Our lives may not be what we want; but, they are what we need.

and to close;

allI have to say say as a christian is

Go in peace and serve the Lord.


Faye Berman said...

You were up WAAAAAAAY too late last night! I am all set to have another crap day, but at least I expect it. Thank you for your blessing. I appreciate it.