Sunday, February 26, 2006

MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologize that I did not have a chance to write my usual Erev Shabbos entry. I was busy trying to get the apt. ready for S' Shabbos Kallah. Which eventually I did. We had a bunch of girls over, and it was really really really nice. This morning I went and got my hair done (such a deal), then rand errands for S&J for a while. Eventually I was allowed to go back to my apt and get changed and all. Then I ran over to the hall, and WENT TO A WEDDING! They are married! MAZAL TOV guys! I know that you will not get a chance to read this, but I am so so happy for you, and as your start your lives as husband and wife (yikes!) I wish you all the Mazal and Bracha in the world. You should be zoche to BNB (Build a Bayis Ne'eman), which I know that you will do together. You complement each other so nicely. Anyway I am clearly running on, so I will go now. Just be happy, ok.
F OUT!!!!!

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