Monday, December 24, 2007

the hat that ate my friends

During one of my early forays into hat making, I decided to use the supersoft baby yarn that i have. I figured it would make a cozy hat, and it did. I neglected to compensate for the thickness of the yarn by decreasing the needle size, and boy was that a mistake. The hat is HUGE. I will let you judge for yourselves.

Adam in the hat (he thinks it makes people look like mush mouth from Fat Albert:

Autumn in the hat:

Carrie in the hat:

and Xan in the hat (with her Golden Snitch around her glasses):


Theester said...

Ok, I need my hat. Stat. It is f'in cold up here. And my friend Annette loves it. You need to put pictures of the hats on the Sugar and Snails site so people can buy them. And Annette wants hobo-mittens in teal. Thank you. Mwah!

Faye said...

I would like to say yes to the hobo mittens, but I have not yet successfully made a pair, and the ones I have tried, she does not want, trust me! I will get the hat to you as soon as I can.

sugarandsnails said...

That is a horrible picture of me! Ugh! Okay you need to bring that hat here so I can take a more flattering picture to replace that one. Or cut out my face and replace it with a kitten or something cute.