Thursday, December 06, 2007

yay Handmade!

I know I am a little slow in getting to this, but here it is
"I Took The Handmade Pledge!

I decided that this year I would give all handmade gifts, be they by my hand or someone elses. I think that a handmade gift actually shows that you care, and did not just go "oh phooey, I forgot to buy ______ a gift!" While things like giftcards and electronics have their places, I am giving handmade.
On a different note, none of the people that were supposed to come last night were able to make it because of the snow, so we will try again Saturday night. I missed you guys, but it is all good, I am glad you were safe at home, rather than slipping and sliding around on the streets.
Neh!- I am glad that the hat arrived safely (along with your parents of course!) I would love to see pics of the tochterbean in the hat, so that I can show them to people and go "see that adorable kid in the hat? I made that hat!!" Anyway, good luck with the play. I am sure you will be great.
SM, Have a great time in NY, try to remember that they are your family and you love them. I think that may actually apply to EVERYONE that you are going to see this weekend! Be safe, and have a great time!
Last but not least, a HUGE Mazal Tov goes out to E&J who added to their clan on Shabbos. healthy baby boy efrex was born, and Ima and Abba and Baby (and big brother) are all, Thank G-D, doing well! I eagerly anticipate news of baby boy's name so I can stop calling him baby boy!
That is all the news from here, hope everyone has a great day!
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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