Tuesday, December 11, 2007

more crafty goodness

Good Morning Tiny People!

So A few weeks ago a lady at work told me that she liked the hats and things that I was crocheting. She expressed a desire to buy a scarf & hat set. I quoted her a price that I thought was ridiculous considering that yarn does not cost me very much, and that I LIKE making the things, and moved on in life. A little while later she came back with the amount of money I asked for, and requested colors! Alrighty then, 1 custom order coming up! I made both the hat and the scarf with 2 strands of Caron's Simply Soft held together. The hat is 2 strands of brown, and the scarf is 1 strand of brown, and 1 of camel. I worked the scarf horizontially instead of vertically, and I used a half double crochet worked into the back loop of each stitch to make a funky ribbed look. I am mega impressed with how it turned out, and it is super soft! I meant to take a picture before, but I forgot, so I have a picutre of her modeling the set.

That is all from Bmore, F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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