Wednesday, December 14, 2005


My fingertips are blue! My toes are frozen! Before anyone asks YES the freakin heat is on. Ok now we got that out of the way. B, you will always be older than me, even if it is only like 2 months. Anyway, I really have nothing exciting to report. Work is going as well as can be expected when you have a boss who is a tad lacking in people skills....... I can't wait until after the first of the year, things should let up a bit then. I mean do not get me wrong, I am happy to see so many people happily married, but some people have too much time on their hands. I mean seriously, if you are having a wedding for 400 people, do you really expect us to dip chicken cutlets in egg, then bread crumb, then saute them just till brown, the take them out of the pan, pat them off, and bake them??? That is a tad high maintenance, I think. Anwho.........
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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