Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday, Boring Sunday

So S came over this morning, and showed off her new Sheitel (wig). Looks good on her, she should wear it in good health. Other than that, I got up, I showered, and I am splitting my time between crocheting scarves for friends, and burning CDs to make room on my hard drive. I think that there is a real chance that I am the MOST BORING person on the face of the planet. Oh well. Still nervous about work tomorrow, but I will take my lumps as they come. I hope that other people are having a productive day, even if I am not. Ravens do not play until 4:15 today, and they are in Denver, so I am thinking loss. I hope that I am wrong, but we will see, If something utterly exciting happens I might write more later, but do not count on it.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I said...

I'm not sure if this entry really deserves a comment.

I said...

Nope, no comment.

Faye Berman said...

Bite me!