Saturday, December 17, 2005

MOTZ"SH (After Shabbos)

Wow, turned on computer after Shabbos, went to read various news sites, and discovered that John Spencer died. What a bummer, he was a good actor. I loved him as Leo McGarry on the West Wing, and they are gonna have to do some serious footwork to get around this. He was also on LA Law which was one of my fave things to watch with my mom. Then I looked at the next article, and the caption was "Body Found in Big Birds Nest", now I ask you, could you leave that alone? Turns out a body was found on the property of the guy who plays Big Bird, and he is not a suspect at all, his caretaker is. What a strange wacked out world we live in.
I am trying to figure out if I should go out tonight and be social, or just stay home and talk to friends on IM. I really am the most boring person ever!!!
Anyway I hope everyone has a great rest of weekend. More later.
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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