Tuesday, December 13, 2005


So I got out of work early today. I am not used to being home in the middle of the day, it was weird. I got to see an old friend, and that was nice. Here is the point tho... I am OLD!!!! It is now, like 10 to 8, and I am all ready to go shluffie (sleep), which is just wrong. I mean i know sleep schedule is all messed up because of the work day yesterday, but still..... OLD OLD OLD. Ya know, it is kind of funny, but it never bothered me before, the birthday thing, I mean it is just a number. For some reason 30 seems to be bothering me. I know I will get over it, but still...... Anyway that is all for now, have a good night y'all and sweet dreams!
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!


me said...

dont be bothered by the birthday thing, being just over the 30 mark by a couple of weeks, it really doesn't feel that different.

stay young.


and remember im still older :-)

I said...

I'm younger than you so I was able to stay up until 9pm. Whoo hoo. Let the good times roll.

Faye Berman said...

woo and 2 hoos!!!!!!!!!!1

Ricky said...


Faye Berman said...

and don't you forget it old man!