Sunday, December 18, 2005

No Good Title

So I got taken out for brunch, which was nice. Then I went with S to pick up dumbbells (the workout kind, not the male kind), then I came home and cleaned my stove. That was exciting. Did we notice how boring I am? I am debating whether I want to fix the bracelet I made for Brat, or if I want to make a random baby blanket, or make myself a second scarf, or just burn some of the music my friend just gave me, or if I want to do nothing except veg in front of the TV. hmmmmm..... Veg might win........ Sundays are so boring. I could do laundry, except that we are out of laundry soap, and it is not my turn to buy. Whatever (geez, I still do not like that word!) Ravens do not play today so I do not have to worry about them losing, I can wait until tomorrow for that. I guess I am gonna go now.....
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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