Sunday, December 11, 2005

well then..

So I am sure that many of you (since there are like 4 of you that read this) have heard that my ex is engaged. I got several differnt responses from people. One wise person said I should feel sorry for her. I guess I kinda do. I hope someone warned her what she was gettting into. Another friend told me that I knew he was not for me yesterday, and I just have to continue to know he is not for me tomorrow........ I know part of it is that he just seemed to skate thru this whole divorce while I dealt with everything, and that part of it is that men need to be with someone they can't be alone, but damnit I am a good person, why doesn't someone want me??? I kinow stupid and over dramatic....... can't help it
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I said...

Yes, dear. You ARE a goood person.