Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday night is Bath night

The title refers to the fact that on Tuesday's and Thursday's I go to the H's and get to give baths to their 2 girls. The following is an update to the rest of Sunday. So she lost her ring, I found her ring. Sunday afternoon was just a flurry of activity. I went back to S' house after I found her ring, and she made homemade Chinese food (of course, in China they would just call it food), anyway after that we went to A.C. Moore. I bought lots of yarn, and beads, and I am NOT allowed to buy any more. Hear me, ANY MORE!!!!!! So life here in Baltimore is cold and boring. Ice SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, going to go watch the fashion show show. G'nite y'all
F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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